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Lolita Preteen Nymphets

Posted on July 17 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 12:32:54 -0700 (PDT)From: lv2scyahoo.comSubject: Drifting from Straight to Gay I was fifty three years old and had never been with a guy except goofingaround with one close friend when we were 13 to 17 years old. Jerking offmostly. But I thought about nothing else almost all day long every day ofmy adult life. Why are we like that? Who knows why it takes so long toadmit we are gay and really want a guy instead of covering up our liveswith trying to be married Lolita Preteen Nymphets and raise kids to keep everyone off guard and offour ass. Over 40 years of marriage so far, and it seems it will withstandmy encounters. Why are some wives willing to accept our infidelities yetothers want a divorce? Of course through the years I was accused of being gay many times by coworkers and some recently met friends, but I always denied it. Looking backI know now some how I gave off that gay either look or mannerisms. But Ifor the life of me could not figure what I was doing to out myself in someway. Perhaps those that asked me had their own gaydar working, yet I wasnot smart enough to challenge them. I was a mechanic in dealership garages only, and felt that was proof Iwas not gay. Little did I know at that time there are gays in every walk oflife. I realized that at about 55 years old. Slow learner I guess. At about this fifty three years age I found the computers and internet.Thanks to the gay chats I found behind my wife's back, I was able to chathonestly about my desire to suck a cock, but was afraid to talk one on onewith guys I had met in person I suspected of being gay. I just could notget discovered as I was quite well know throughout the area. As I did like pussy still to that day, I hoped to meet someone that wasBI like myself, but was never lucky until the internet came along. I finally found a guy 38 years old totally gay on a gay chat, and helived alone about Lolita Preteen Nymphets 15 miles away. I hoped the distance would keep anyonefrom finding out I was gay, because it was obvious he was gay, just onesentence from him told you. We agreed that I'd go to his house and see if I liked to be with anotherguy for sex. After meeting him I was thrilled by his handsome looks andbody. He was my height and a lot thinner. We chatted on his sofa for awhile talking about guy sex and of course I was hard right away, which hecould see. We started kissing and fondling for a few minutes and then hesaid lets get comfortable upstairs in his bedroom. I was ready for this forsure. We got undressed and lay side by side kissing and feeling each otherscocks and then he went down on my cock. I was in total shock how muchbetter a guy could be on dick than my wife and a few other girls when I wasyoung. He sold me on cock sucking right then and there! I asked him if Icould suck his cock. He said to me, look if your not comfortable doing that, he would not mindat all as gay guys love to give head whether they get it in return is notimportant. I said no I came to try it Lolita Preteen Nymphets and I'd like to get started. He again said, look if you do like this, you will probably be in divorcecourt within 2 years, as this lifestyle is hard on marriage. Thinking tomyself I had seldom been getting any sex from my wife for years and thatwas one reason I thought guy sex was easier to handle that getting anotherwoman as we all know that gets found out quickly by the wives. I told him I was ready to face whatever came about and he offered his cockto me. I looked at it kissed it gently on the Lolita Preteen Nymphets head and then licked it upand down the shaft and was amazed at the firm yet soft great taste a dickis. I swallowed it as far as I could before gagging a little and when Icame up I worked my tongue around the head to taste the best pre cum tasteI had ever knew existed. With that I now was totally a confirmed cocksucker for life. We exchanged blow jobs for quite a while before I let himcum in my mouth as I sucked him hard and fast to completion. He came quitea load, and he said not to swallow it, but too late I already had swallowedhis load. I loved the taste of his pure white cum, nothing is better thanpre cum and good white cum, except rimming, which I only did that manyyears later with only one guy so far. Another story for later. We met many times after this and eventually we fucked each other but forsome reason it hurt more than made me feel good. I love to get fucked nowso it must have been something between us that didn't go right. I found out later he was getting into drugs and that scared me, so Istopped seeing him when I found out about the drugs and a few guys livingwith him. I feel sorry for guys that need drugs to put the real world out of theirlives. It never works but they think otherwise until it hits em Lolita Preteen Nymphets on the headand they start thinking straight. I just feel less safe for sex with them. I'm not a prude about it as I know a lot of guys into the drugs, I do notjudge them nor care they do it, as I feel it is their right to do whateverthey want to themselves. I told them just don't expect me to join them. Weget along very well still to this day. They respect me for never talkingabout it with them or telling others about their use of it.
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